confused over crashes and corrections when both terms are thrown around so frequently.

Oklahoma State Senator John Michael Montgomery explains why he is pushing the state to attract bitcoin miners with tax incentives. Montgomery addresses energy concerns, highlighting the state’s abundance of wind and natural gas while discussing what mining operations can do for property values and public services.
Libra's most vexing challenge may be juggling inclusion and compliance. But policy chief Dante Disparte says the project is not giving up on reaching the unbanked.
Economy minister says Brazil will have its own CBDC
A net $127 million went into digital-asset funds during the week ended March 4, with minor outflows in Europe and large inflows in the Americas.
The Federal Reserve’s Lael Brainard says it will take years to build a U.S. CBDC and that the project can only start once Congress and the White House sign off.
The organization’s recent partnership with trade group MEF is meant to help with large-scale projects like measuring tailpipe emissions.
A joint body to coordinate efforts at regulating crypto at the global level could become a reality in the next year, according to IOSCO chair Ashley Alder.
Love it or hate it, tax season is here and that means all U.S. citizens that traded or sold crypto over the last year will be required to report their gains and losses. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
Battle for authenticity heats up in world's most popular NFT collection
You may have heard of Decentraland, and you might know it calls itself "the first-ever virtual world owned by its users." But where do you start?

Metaverse | Metaverse Crypto News and Articles

PancakeSwap (CAKE) | PancakeSwap Price Index

To offset the impact of rising inflation, the IRS has revised a number of tax provisions to let people keep more of their money in their wallets for the 2022 tax year. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
The addresses are trading on “hacking forums,” haveibeenpwned reported. CoinMarketCap acknowledges “correlation” with its subscriber base but maintains its servers weren’t breached.
ASX, the primary stock exchange in Australia, has been told to press on with the blockchain-based replacement to its aged trading system.
The MakerDAO founder said TV’s “First Mover” that he wasn’t in the mood to say “I told you so,” following Terra’s stablecoin collapse.
‘Philly is ready’ for CityCoins, says city council
The Federal Reserve’s Lael Brainard says it will take years to build a U.S. CBDC and that the project can only start once Congress and the White House sign off.
When a prominent stablecoin and the token that backs it failed, the broader ecosystem certainly was dealt a blow, but ultimately it is surviving.
Reduced fees, faster transactions and greater consumer choice mean retailers might, in time, prefer crypto payments. This article is part of pages "Payments Week."
Set to launch Tuesday, the network would allow trading of assets from different blockchains without middlemen or synthetic “wrapped” substitutes.
Chicago-based CBOE exchange says in website posting that the VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF will start trading Tuesday under the ticker symbol “XBTF.”
Hardline U.S. libertarians laid some of the most important conceptual foundations for the cryptocurrency explosion we’re living through today. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
The expected passage of a finance bill will include a steep crypto tax that the industry says will discourage innovation and cost the country some of its technology talent; several major altcoins rise.

Sentiment among crypto traders remains mixed.

The cube-based virtual landscape is aiming to be the most interoperable metaverse to date, featuring its own programming language and parallel dimension mapping.
Mayor Eric Adams wants to make New York City the biggest crypto hub in America, but there are a host of obstacles in his way.
The announcement on Thursday afternoon comes after the IMF last month approved a $45B loan facility for Argentina that stipulated the country would discourage the use of cryptocurrencies.
Cities across the U.S. are grappling with what it means to have cryptocurrency mining operations in their communities. Plattsburgh offers a sobering case study. This piece is part of pages Mining Week.
Melon USD price, real-time (live) charts, Melon crypto and videos. Learn about MLN value, Melon news, crypto trading and more.
Critics of Bitcoin’s energy use should consider its relative carbon density rather than the absolute amount of energy used.
Now that the IRS has extended the filing deadline to May 17, NFT investors have more time to get their taxes in order.
The company also announced the formation of OneFootball Labs, a joint venture with Animoca Brands and Liberty City Ventures to accelerate its expansion into Web 3.
Developers of the fast-growing UST stablecoin say the coin's $1 value peg isn't "backed" by anything – just a blockchain-based algorithm. So why does it need a multibillion-dollar bitcoin reserve in case of an emergency? How would that work?
The crypto markets continued to build on April's gains this week, with alternative cryptocurrencies like nano, VeChain and bytecoin leading the way.

Binance vs. Coinbase: How do they compare?

RenBTC, the latest implementation of bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain, quietly went live this week, though the general public can't yet mint thier own tokens.
With bitcoin and ether prices trading flat over the weekend, plus a look at the noise in Niagara, pages "Markets Daily" is back with the latest news roundup.
The metaverse is the latest technological evolution to be scoffed at – but it will change everything. This article is part of "Metaverse Week."
Customers in those countries who send crypto outside their Coinbase accounts must provide recipients' names and addresses starting in early April.
Economic conditions and widespread digital adoption have created a foundation for the region to become the global capital of the play-to-earn model.
The state's proposed two-year ban is inching closer to reality, and experts warn about its potentially chilling effect.
You may have heard of Decentraland, and you might know it calls itself "the first-ever virtual world owned by its users." But where do you start?
There’s a common argument that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are environmentally dirty – but that’s not necessarily true. Advisors need to be aware that the worlds of ESG and crypto are continuing to intersect in new ways.
If you’re one of the millions of people who bought crypto for the first time in 2021, you might be in for a surprise when you do your taxes.
Whether you're a first-time crypto user or a veteran trader, it's easy to get
A Russian emigre is teaching friends and family how to use crypto amid economic sanction. This piece is part of pages Payments week.
The state senate should reject the legislation, which recently passed the assembly and would place a moratorium on approvals for permits for digital mining operations that use nonrenewable energy sources.
Coinprism was arguably ahead of its time, but much has changed on the tech and regulatory fronts since its debut in 2014, and the startup is closing.
So many people were trying to use the Ethereum blockchain during Thursday’s market meltdown that many applications simply stopped working as intended.

Markets saw a brief spike on Sunday.

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